Do you ever wonder what would happen to your kids if you end up getting a divorce? Can you be certain that they have the protection they need in the future? Some relationships can be worked out for the better, while others need to be left behind. A rift in a marriage can be caused by external factors as well, such as the recent natural disasters that have been occurring.

According to The Hartford Courant, as more and more time goes by without electricity, heat, hot water, Internet, phone, and cable, even the best relationships can become a little strained. As the situation at home begins to deteriorate, Glastonbury resident Pam Foldvary and her partner, Paul, have been without power since Saturday afternoon, and she puts it: No heat, no lights, no fun.

“It’s really not good for relationships,” said Pam Foldvary. “When my neighbor came over to loan us his chain saw, I said, ‘I’m going to be using this soon and not on the trees in our driveway.'” Dr. Michael Balkunas, chief of psychiatry and behavioral health at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, has his own perspective and experiences to draw on.

He agreed that stress levels go up and coping skills go down when life is interrupted by natural disasters and other unexpected events. Experts say personal responses to disasters vary widely. Common reactions include difficulty concentrating, eating too much or too little, drinking more than usual, problems falling or staying asleep, irritability, and feeling restless.

“Give yourself a break and remember, this is only temporary,” Balkunas explains. “It’s not related to something catastrophic and it’s going to get better, hopefully in a few days. In the meantime, do what you have to do to get through it.”

Exercising, resting, and eating healthy meals will help, as well as returning to your daily routines wherever possible. Balkunas said that once routines are restored, temperaments even out and relationships usually return to normal.

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