In our last article, we discussed the importance of a well-facilitated Workers Comp claim process.  Today we’ll focus on the role of risk management partner advocacy in controlling costs. 

Your company and your injured employee both need a partner to advocate on your behalf, both with the insurance carrier and the medical providers.  With a focused return-to-work program like The Gaudreau Group’s exclusive model, everyone wins:

  • The employer’s time, effort, and cost are greatly reduced
  • The employee feels cared-for and cared-about, reducing the likelihood of their hiring an attorney

The Gaudreau Group helps fast-forward the return-to-work process.  The following case study shows how a claim was on a bad path before our intervention, then quickly turned around with our employee-centric advocacy.

BEFORE OUR INVOLVEMENT:  An employee slipped and fell, hitting her head, resulting in loss of consciousness.  The incident report used by the employer was lacking and did not capture enough information to help the medical provider anticipate not-so-obvious injuries.  The focus of initial treatment was only the head injury.  The employee’s injury was, in fact, more wide-spread, including neck, shoulder, and lower back issues.  The lower back issue lead to in another fall at work, resulting in the employee breaking her ankle as well. 

Meanwhile, the medical provider and claims adjuster could not agree on a timeline for getting the employee back to work.  The medical provider certified that she was ready to return, while the claims adjuster actually wanted to keep her out longer.  The employee reported that she was feeling lost and neglected by the system and wanted to hire an attorney.

AFTER WE STEPPED IN:  The Gaudreau Group facilitated agreement between claim handler and medical provider to get the employee back to work on light duty.  The indemnity (lost wages) portion of the claim stopped immediately.  Our intervention not only lowered the indemnity claim cost, but we also helped the employee get back to work and start feeling productive again.  She finally felt like someone was watching out for her, which prevented attorney involvement.


  • Lower overall claim cost due to shortened employee absence and no attorney involvement.
  • Faster process, reducing burden on the employer
  • Better employee satisfaction with the process

As you can see, The Gaudreau Group’s People@Work program really works.  Call us today to schedule a meeting and learn how People@Work can help your organization be prepared and gain control over your Workers Comp costs.