Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance could well be one of the most important coverages you buy when it comes to protecting the future of your business. But to fully enjoy its benefits, you have to understand the parameters of the coverage. How does this differ from other business insurance solutions?

Habitational Insurance Program

Our Habitational Insurance Program supports a wide variety of commercial real estate and habitational exposures.  Eliminate potentially dangerous coverage gaps by working with us to consolidate all of your properties into one comprehensive program.

Apartment Building Coverage

Our carrier connections and the clout those relationships carry empower us to be not just your insurance provider, but your Insurance and Risk Management Partner.
We have a rich network of insurance partners who handle all classes and sizes of apartment complexes.   No matter how small or large your location is, we can structure the right program to fit your needs.
Trust us to find the right solutions for your apartment complex, condominium association or other multi-family insurance investments today.

Tenant Tracks

The Gaudreau Group has partnered with Tenant Tracks, a national tenant screening database.  Tenant Tracks offers a unique approach to tenant screening that provides comprehensive background information gathered from accredited organizations, courts, and property owners and managers.  Gaudreau Group clients who use Tenant Tracks are empowered to mitigate their risk and protect their assets.  To learn more about Tenant Tracks, visit their website,

Condominium Coverage

Our product offerings include programs that fill the unique requirements of commercial condo owners with single or multiple rental dwellings, as well as Condominium Associations.  Our Habitational professionals will work with you to customize a program specific to your situation.

As part of our program, we recommend Directors and Officers coverage to individuals involved in various activities managing the condo association’s business.  We don’t want our clients to be exposed to law suits; therefore D&O coverage should be in place to protect these individuals.

Master Policies

The Gaudreau Group’s Master Policy program covers the common areas that are shared among the association tenants, such as the roof, stairways, elevators and basements. The Master Policy should protect the policyholder (usually the condo association) from Liability and Physical Property damage. Our program may be structured to also cover individual units as they were originally built, and may or may not cover fixtures.

If your Condominium Association is has employees (such as grounds keepers or maintenance staff,) we can create a custom Employment Practices Liability program for you.

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