Group Captive Insurance

As a business owner you know that if you don’t own it, you don’t control it.

This is why member-owned captive insurance companies have become such an attractive alternative risk model for COMMERCIAL INSURANCE AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.

The Gaudreau Group’s Captive program enables owners to reduce, control and profit from business insurance costs. The group’s members have lower-than-average historical risk profile (highest performers and most committed to control exposures) for their industries. As a result, they will have fewer or less expensive claims, and they will save on premiums. Over time, members will share in the equity of that great performance in the form of dividends.

Further savings come from the fact that group captives are tax-efficient. Just as if a member had purchased a full commercial insurance policy, the premiums paid to a group captive are usually tax-deductible.

Through careful management of loss control and risk reduction and by ensuring each captive is exceptionally well run, Captive Insurance Programs deliver personalized attention and care to members. Members benefit from a team of advisors assigned to each captive.

Lowered Insurance Costs: The Benefit Our Program Delivers to You

The Gaudreau Group has made a commitment to guiding enterprises through the challenge of unpredictable insurance costs. Established in 1921, we are a full-service commercial insurance firm with strong market strength and leverage. With our Captive Insurance Program, we provide long-term solutions that deliver financial predictability and control, while lowering costs.

Group Captive Insurance

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Micro-Captive Insurance