Hospital Insurance

We all know that patients receiving care need to have medical insurance to protect themselves from major financial loss. But what about the medical facilities in which these patients are receiving their care? Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are constantly staring risk factors in the face. Such facilities need to be protected against allegations of wrongful treatment, employee dissatisfaction, health codes, and numerous other liabilities.

At The Gaudreau Group, we have a special insurance program tailored specifically for healthcare facilities such as health departments, surgery centers, dialysis centers and clinics, corporate medical clinics, diagnostic facilities (MRI, CT and PET Centers), medical schools, lithotripsy centers, laboratories and home health. Our policies can include the following coverages:

  • Protection for claims alleging wrongful disclosure of medical information (HIPAA violation)
  • Protection for the medical director of the facility
  • Coverage for technicians, nurses and medical assistants
  • OSHA and ADA defense coverage
  • Punitive damages protection
  • EMR coverage
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Hospitals expect to run into patient and employee legal issues, which is even more reason to be protected by healthcare facilities insurance. The highly experienced and knowledgeable agents at The Gaudreau Group can help you select the appropriate medical facilities insurance package for your establishment.

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