Long Term Care Provider Services

The Gaudreau Group has a very compelling strategy for Long Term Care Providers’ Professional Liability. For close to 25 years, our specialists have been working with National and Regional Long Term Care Providers to help with all of their risk management needs. Many brokers focus only on shopping carriers. While price is important, our approach involves using your clinical results as a focal point to improve your insurance program. If you’re like most long term care providers, you are proud of your survey and should be using that to maximize your insurance program’s performance. Does your agent or broker do this type of review and consultation?

The professionals at The Gaudreau Group have had great success in applying an advanced risk assessment tool that accurately presents a risk to underwriters and helps secure the very best terms and conditions for our clients. The report is based on analysis of public data mined from extended OSCAR (Online Survey, Certification and Reporting), Complaint Data and Investigations as well as Quality Data / Measures.

“Our team recently ordered 10 reports for a chain of nursing facilities and used them to successfully persuade underwriters to write the business at a premium that won the business. We also identified specific issues at certain facilities and developed risk management services to specifically address those issues. It’s all about going the extra mile to represent our clients’ best interests.”

‐Andrew Montagna, CIC Commercial Accounts Manager