Healthcare Providers Program

There are many threats to healthcare providers. Are you confident that you’re ready for those threats? The Gaudreau Group recognizes the critical nature of seamless coverage between a healthcare provider’s general and professional liability policies. Our Commercial Insurance team affords risk assessment pertaining to patient and non-patient care, premises occupancy, daily operations, and contractual obligations. This risk assessment process results in insurance contracts that provide comprehensive coverage. These programs range from “first‐dollar” to alternative risk financing options, each designed to address the unique liability issues faced by today’s healthcare providers.

Here are just of few of the benefits our Physicians, Surgeons, Hospitals, and Long‐Term Care Providers program provides:
Limits of $1Million / $3Million (with access to excess limits as well)

  • Fully paid Tail if you cancel the policy
  • Ability to retro date – no need for new recruits to purchase their own Tail coverage prior to joining your practice
  • Consent to Settle Clause – not just a promise, but an actual written commitment
  • Premium Financing Available

Not only does our Physicians, Surgeons, Hospitals, and Long‐Term Care Providers program deliver Professional Liability and Business Office Insurance, but it also rewards you for your good claims experience. Our program provides up to 35% premium reductions based upon your claims experience and specialty, which includes an added credit of 5% for using a CCHIT certified Electronic Health Record System.

The Gaudreau Group’s Physicians, Surgeons, Hospitals, and Long‐Term Care Providers program also offers  a number of unique services included in the premium charges:
Free online CME credits

  • Risk management alerts/loss prevention bulletins
  • Advisor publication dealing with salient issues within the industry
  • On‐site assessments and consultations
  • Specialty seminars/educational workshops and services for Practice Leaders and Physicians
  • Free access to iMedConsent online informed consent and patient education materials
  • Claims hotline available 24/7 in the event of an emergency through a toll free number
  • Defendant support groups

In additional to the coverages and benefits discussed above, The Gaudreau Group’s professionals can also tailor:

  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability Coverage
  • Directors & Officers Liability Coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation Programs

Set up a meeting today to learn how our program help you take control over your risks.

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