Paul from Feeding Hills

“I have been a customer of Jules Gaudreau and his fabulous team for well
over 20 years. Not only do they handle my personal items; home, autos,
health and umbrella, but a myriad of businesses over the years from The
InfoCenter Inc to Games2U to my charity Kane’s Krusade,

Without a shadow of a doubt, they have the most talented people in the
business. Jules and Maureen are always available to consult on my many
ideas, offer advice including the ‘what are you thinking?’ and willing to
design plans to protect the ideas that survive the vetting process.

The homeowners and auto have gotten a workout in the last years due to acts
of nature, and whether a business or personal policy, Sandy, Michelle, Kathy
and Patti take care of what’s broken and remind me of things that are due or
well, overdue to be done. Andy handles referrals I send over for commercial
properties, and they handle all the referrals I send over for renters
insurance for the so-called dangerous dogs that my charity serves.

Daryl took care of my health insurance needs when I needed a change
immediately, and Danny and Mark are as talented financial wizards that exist

In short, they are amazing, they make sure my needs are taken care of, and
they are as much family and friends as they are my trusted source for all
things insurance.” ~ Paul from Feeding Hills